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Your full-service lab for single cell assays. Our mission is to ensure the generation of solid data that you can count on.

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Bring to the you the top single cell technologies and to provide solid data for your research.

SERVICESSubmitting Clinical Level Single Cell Assay Reports

Specialized in omics analysis from a very limited amount of sample, and appreciate the unique features of single cell assays.
Proteome Profiling
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Customized sc-Proteomics
Gene Expression Profile
Spacial Genomics Assays
Customized sc-Genomics

ADVANTAGESOver 20 Years of Experience in Omics Technologies Combined With Latest Developents in Single Cell settings

Your full service lab for your single cell-based projects. Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings.
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CONTACT USAll Single Cell Assays Are Performed by Our Single Cell Expert Scientists. No Trainee Allowed.

Bring to you the industrial leading sensitivity and coverage of all your single cell research projects.

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