SINGLE CELL SERVICESingle Cell Genomics Assays

We provide full-ling single cell genomics assays, including single-cell RNA-seq, spatial-seq for any single cell samples of your interest.


The single-cell RNA-seq assay is the best way to demonstrate transient, real-time and specific expression of genes from a single cell sample

Our single cell laboratory performs a wide variety of basic and advanced genomics assays on single cell samples of a variety of different types.

RNA-seq is performed after barcoding the single cells with different tags. Additionally, advanced sequencing sample preparation techniques enables a variety of studies including cell development studies, cell transient response to treatments, and biomarker identifications.

The Single Cell Genomics Laboratory also performed free consulting services including:

  • Single cell genomics experiment design
  • Single cell RNA-seq data analysis
  • RNA-seq data reanalysis
  • Signaling pathway change comprehensive profiling
Petri dishes with samples for DNA sequencing,3d rendering.

SIGNALING PATHWAYPathway Analysis and Molecular Biology

Our single cell experts perform assays that aid in the evaluation of signaling pathway changes from single cell RNA-seq data.

The pathway analysis service is built on our bioinformatic pipeline that combined pathway analysis pipelines from commercial and open-source resources. And it includes the following assays:

  • Comprehensive Pathway Changes
  • Biomarker Identification
  • Related Disease Profiling
  • Gene expression time course
  • Response to treatment or stimulus