SINGLE CELL SERVICESingle Cell Proteomics Assays

We provide antibody-dependent and independent single cell proteomics assays for your research needs.

PROFILINGSingle Cell Proteome Profiling

The profiling assays utilize the latest technologies and platforms in single cell proteomics to provide the most accurate results.

Our single cell expert team performs a wide variety of basic and advanced proteomics profiling assays on different single-cell samples.

Routine profiling assays have a turnaround time of 2~3 weeks. Additionally, advanced profiling tests are performed using a variety of techniques including flow cytometry and high-end mass spectrometry-based methods, and are available from Monday to Friday, 7 am – 6 pm.

The Single Cell Proteomics Laboratory also performed additional services including:

  • FREE Single-cell proteomics project consulting services
  • FREE Single-cell proteomics experiment design
  • FREE Post-project data re-analysis
  • Data re-analysis from raw data generated from a different lab (need to request a quote from us first)

QUANTIFICATIONSingle Cell Proteome Quantification

Quantitative proteomics assays at the single-cell level. Leveraging our expertise in targeted quantification and untargeted quantification of protein targets from a single cell sample.

The quantification methodology includes label-dependent (such as TMT or SILAC) relative quantitative assays and targeted quantification assays through mass spectrometry. The testing is performed by ASCP-certified Medical Technologists and includes the following tests:

  • Label-free relative quantifications
  • Label-free targeted assays for absolute quantification
  • Label-dependent relative and absolute quantifications
  • All the additional FREE and charged services from the PROFILING section